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Mini Drive on The Best Of Shrewsbury

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury Telford

Driving Lessons Shrewsbury Telford

What you will need for your Driving test

So you've booked your driving test and the day is fast approaching. Here are a few things you need to know about the test...

Using your own car?  Has your car been Recalled?  At the test center


You will need to make sure you take both parts of your driving licence to the test centre. The Examiner will need to check these prior to beginning the test.

Please note that if you cannot produce both parts for inspection by the examiner then your test will not go ahead and you will lose your fee. Your Instructor will also charge for the two hours of their time

You will also need to take your theory test certificate. You can find this on the back of your theory test results sheet. This is the piece of paper given to you when you passed your theory.

It is also worth taking your appointment letter or a copy of your appointment email if you have one.


Are you taking your test in your own car?

If you are then you will need to make sure your car is roadworthy. Check all lights are working and that all tyres are legal and correctly inflated. There should be no serious damage to the windscreen or bodywork and there can be no warning lights lit up on the dashboard (e.g. airbag light etc...). It is not necessary to have dual controls fitted. However you must provide an internal rear view mirror for the examiner, a fully working passenger seatbelt and a head restraint that is part of the seat. (slip on ones are not allowed)

Please note that if your car has any serious defects when looked over by the examiner then your test will not go ahead and you will lose your fee.

Click Here for more information about the minimum requirements for a test vehicle and cars that are not suitable.

Insurance needed for Driving Tests

If you are taking your test in your own car, you will need to make sure that it is insured for you to drive it, and that the policy covers the driving test. If you are thinking of using a hire car many of the hire companies will not allow their cars to be hired for the purpose of a driving test. If they do, make sure you check the insurance policy carefully as you will be personally liable if anything happens on the test.



Has Your car had a Recall?

Over the last 10 - 20 years there have been many cars which have been recalled by the manufacturer because of saftey related issues. Notices of the cars concerned have been pulished in the press and sent to known keepers of these vehicles. However it is fair to assume that not all cars concerned will have had these issues addressed. The DSA take these safety recalls very seriously. If your car has been subject to a recall then the Examiner will need you to produce confirmation that the appropriate repairs have been carried out. This information is available from the service department of the relevant dealership for your car. Failure to do so will result in the test being abandoned and you losing your fee.

Click here for more info.


To avoid all these issues it is always best to use an approved driving instructor

At The Test Centre

When you arrive at the test centre reverse park in the car park if they have one, take your documents with you into the building and wait for your examiner. At test time your examiner will check your documents and ask you to sign the test form to confirm your identity, insurance and health. You will then be asked if you want someone to accompany you on your test. The DSA are now actively encouraging this so that if you are not successful, someone else is there to hear the feedback.

Once outside you will be asked to read a number plate to check your eyesight meets the required standard and then the test will move on to the show me tell me questions.

Once in the car the test itself will last around 40 minutes, and will invovle you driving on a selection of different road types and traffic conditions. You must not make more than 15 minor driving faults during that time, or commit any serious or dangerous faults. You will be required to do 10 minutes of Independent driving, and conduct one reversing manouevre. You may also be required to conduct an Emergency Stop. At the end of the test your examiner will give you the result and feedback on any faults.



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